Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pin Time!

Since discovering Pinterest (you can follow me here) I have realised how many amazing ideas people have and how many lovely cute and clever crafty projects are out there. Being the sort of person I am means I want to make every single one of them of course!

Here are some of my faves this month...

1. Little hand sewn tea bags for children's tea sets, too cute! Originally found on 'La Poulette a Pois' blog.
2. Polymer clay bird. I LOVE this project, so very very sweet for a present. Originally sourced from 'Jessica Jane Handmade' blog.
3. Hand decorated mason jars. Originally sourced from HERE.
4. Button magnets. Original source unknown.
5. Painted wooden spoons! Gorgeous! Originally found on 'Little Bit Funky'.
6. Paper animal garland.Originally found 'dribble'. 

What do you think? Are you on PINTEREST? Let me know! 


  1. Oh,I love your Pinterest taste :>



  2. Ah thanks! I adore pinterest! Such a great creative outlet! Thanks for looking at my blog!xx